Iran Nuclear Deal: US Accuses Iran On Reneging On Compromises And Acceleration Nuclear Program

Iran Nuclear Deal

The US administration has indicated that it awaits a return to compliance on the Iran Nuclear Deal of 2015. But it also said that it is prepared to return to a world without the landmark Iran nuclear deal, according to a state dept. official.

A senior State Department official accused Iran of reneging on the compromises it assured in the last round of talks to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. The official said that the US cannot accept a situation where the Iran nuclear deal remains a non-starter while the country continues to accelerate its nuclear program.

The US remained committed to talks in Vienna but there has to be a change of posture on the nuclear deal by the other side. The official said that this was the best deal and they could not hope for anything better than the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

US Come Away With A Bleak Assessment Of Iran Nuclear Deal

The bleak assessment by the US official follows a fresh round of talks in Vienna. American and European officials contended that the Iranian official had not come up with any serious proposals that could be termed as a willingness to adhere to the nuclear deal.

Officials said that the Iranian team was using the talks as a front, a cover even as they continued building up their nuclear program to ultimately strike a stronger deal in their favor.

The Vienna talks were the 7th round of talks to salvage the Iran nuclear deal, though the Americans and Iran did not directly hold any negotiation. Officials said that Iran came to the talks with a proposal that they termed as digressive. They appeared to go back on the compromises floated by Iran and pocketed all the concessions offered by other countries, especially the US.

The US has declined to state if it would walk away from talks and has not gone into details of what option it is considering on the Iran nuclear deal. They still hope that the Iran nuclear deal may be salvaged, even as Iran has maintained that they are not seeking to produce nuclear weapons.