Jill Biden And Kelly Clarkson In A Fun Conversation

Jill Biden
Jill Biden

Jill Biden, the first lady of the United States of America was a guest to Kelly Clarkson. She gave her first solo interview on the Kelly Clarkson Show. It was held in the White House. She has not been in any of the shows after Joe Biden became the official President of the United States of America.

The show of Kelly Clarkson, the singer and songwriter, is a hit in the country. It was started just a year back. Jill Biden chose the show to make a connection with the audience with regard to unity and hope. The first lady also went on to talk about her past life experiences. She opened up on the journey of her divorce. She did this to provide support to the 38-year-old host who is going through the same.

Jill Biden’s Post-pandemic Plans

The 69-year-old Jill Biden got along with Clarkson quite well. Together they talked about the snippets from the show that was released on Wednesday. The host also claimed that she had the full approval of the “post-pandemic yearning” of President Joe Biden.

Kelly Clarkson asked a fun question to Jill Biden. It was about her plans after the pandemic got over. The reply given by the first lady was equally fun. She said that she wanted to go out and enjoy French fries with a martini.

The conversation between the two took place following all the rules of social distancing. It happened in the White House’s East Room. Nobody was wearing a mask but they sat far away from each other.

This episode of the Kelly Clarkson Show with first lady Jill Biden as a guest has been given a name as well. It is “The White House Edition”. The show airs on Thursday.

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