Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake Trolling

Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel

The 42-year-old Justin Timberlake just proposed to Jessica Biel, his wife of 11 years, once more. The Valentine’s Day actress, 41, cuddled up to her husband for a happy selfie on the putting green in a recent Instagram image. She captioned the photo taken on May 22nd, “My boyfriend.”

The “SexyBack” hitmaker asked in the responses section, “I know this seems crazy however, will you marry me?” and included a heart eyes emoji. After Justin was reportedly mistaken for Jessica’s boyfriend, they had a sweet exchange. Justin delightfully responded to criticism on a TikTok video from May 15 with a caustic film. “I don’t know you, but your girlfriend resembles Jessica Biel, Congratulations” was written over a video of Justin looking directly at the camera while wearing a blue ball cap and some sunglasses. 

Jessica Biel Is In Love With Justin Timberlake

He laughed hysterically and adjusted his sunglasses while saying, “Yeah….yeah.” After the charming online conversation, Jessica’s Instagram followers were giddy. One fan commented, “Bro….. I can’t stop laughing,” and another joked, “When is your boyfriend coming to record some fresh music?” Another jokingly said, “Your boyfriend looks like Justin Timberlake.” On October 19, 2012, Justin and Jessica exchanged vows in an opulent wedding in Italy. Since then, they have welcomed two children. And despite their ups and downs, it appears that the well-known pair is still together. 

The 7th Heaven actress also expressed her pride in her long-term union. She stated, “I simply feel incredibly pleased with it. I’m also still the luckiest and most in love with my life.

Sons Silas, age 7, and Phineas, age 2, are shared by Jessica and the former N-SYNC member.