Joe Biden Decides To Bring Back Senate Filibuster

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Recently, Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, has expressed his inclination to bring back ‘talking filibuster’ to George Stephanopoulos which he feels will help reassert the democracy of the nation.

On 16th March, Tuesday, Joe Biden remarked that he is in complete support of changing the filibuster rule of the Senate and intends on bringing it back. The filibuster rule required the senators to speak on the Senate floor in order to hold up bills.

This is the very 1st time that Biden has endorsed the reformation of the procedure that was being requested by the White House for the past few weeks now.

Return Of The Filibuster Supported By Joe Biden

George Stephanopoulos made an exclusive statement where he stated that the legislative filibuster rule is stymying the agenda of Joe Biden and has divided support from the Senate. Stephanopoulos further asked Biden if the reason behind bringing back the filibuster rule is a motive to advance his agendas.

To this question, Biden replied that they need not eliminate the rule rather the Senate can keep on following the same old rules that were followed earlier. Once a senator got up on the floor to present their point of view, they had to keep speaking with full command.

Biden reaffirmed that he wants to bring filibuster back to the Senate due to the reason that democracy is becoming difficult to maintain and this might help in achieving that.

At the moment, 60 votes from the Senate are required to pass the legislation of filibuster sessions. Although, several of the Democrats are concerned that the filibuster might not emphasize crucial agendas including immigration reforms and voting rights.

The filibuster is a pendulum that can swing both ways.

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