President Joe Biden Meets Kansas City Chiefs At The White House After Super Bowl Victory

Joe Biden

The Kansas City Chiefs were invited by President Joe Biden, as he met them on Monday at the White House, and were victorious after winning the 2023 Super Bowl Championship. The Kansas City Chiefs won against the Philadelphia Eagles, scoring 38-35 in February. President Joe Biden met the players at the South Lawn of the White House, where he applauded them for their performance in the game.

During the ceremony at the White House, President Joe Biden said in his speech addressing the players that the most important aspect about them, is that they certainly know how to play football, moreover they know about life and how to use their platforms to make changes in society.

He further continued stating that the players speak out on racial injustice, support mentors and tutors of regional schools, and honor war veterans. President Biden praised Kansas City Chiefs as an organization that focuses on community service and persuades their players to start their own organization providing charity, which many players have done, and that it matters. President Biden praised the team by stating their unity and their power of being one together. 

President Joe Biden Commended Patrick Mahomes 

President Joe Biden commended Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who is the MVP of the 2023 Super Bowl. President Biden called Mahomes a young quarterback who can really play. He praised Mahomes stating that he is a comeback king and two-time MVP, and in history, being the only player to have a triumphant record with 10 or more points. President said how Mahomes played on with a sprained ankle which is certainly a story in the chapter of great quarterbacks of this generation and perhaps any generation.