2023 Tax Rebate For New Mexico

Tax Rebate

The state of New Mexico will be sending tax rebates to qualified residents in mid-June of this year. Eligible claimants, who had previously filed for this rebate in 2021 and had presented their returns of state income tax and were announced as dependents. Tax Rebates worth $ 500 and $ 1,000 respectively, for individuals and couples who filed their taxes jointly will be provided by New Mexico’s Department of Taxation and Revenue. 

Claimants who had previously listed and received their tax refund directly in 2021, will receive their tax rebate directly as well. While for claimants who have altered their bank-related information after filing their tax refund in 2021, their rebate will be sent via mail. Other eligible recipients will get their rebates through checks. Residents who changed their addresses may update their information by filing a form either at the Department of Taxation and Revenue or at the official webpage. 

Designated residents who had already filed for their tax refund in 2021, may expect to receive the tax rebate from June 16 onwards of this year. The department will be first sending out the direct bank payments followed by the checks via mail over a few weeks. 

Tax Rebate Application Update

For residents who had previously not filed their tax refund of 2021, application for the rebate is being taken till May 31. While low-income residents of the state may apply at the official website of New Mexico’s Department of Human Services by June 23. To meet the criteria to receive  the tax rebate which will be provided on an unreserved basis, applicants must hold residence in New Mexico, must have either a driving license, a social security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number of the state. The applicant is expected to provide if available, their direct deposit information.

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