Joe Manchin Is Currently A Stand-Alone Senator

Hyde Amendment
Hyde Amendment

Joe Manchin, the Senator who hails from West-Virginia, is currently standing alone on the floor of the Senate. The current situation in the Senate is that it stands to be divided equally between the two parties. And there are no members of a political party who does not support the policies introduced by the party they have pledged their allegiance to. However, this is not the case with Joe Manchin.

Joe Manchin Vs 49 Democrats

He is the only Democrat in the house who is creating bumps for the Democrats. This is the case with regard to the nominees of President Joe Biden. Senator Joe Manchin is the only one to make use of his veto power against the nominees. This also includes the crucial elements of the agenda of the American president.

A statement was demanded from the West Virginia Senator on his uncommon move by a news channel. He claimed that it was a shameful situation. He further went on to say that there was nobody among the 49 Democrats to do so. The Senator reflected his need for support from his party members. He added that it was not a healthy environment for himself to be in.

The 73-year-old Joe Manchin can be called a rare Democrat. This is because he has been occupying his slot as one of the most obvious swing votes among the Democrats of the Senate. This is a position that he has earned from both Republicans and Democrats.

Manchin entered the upper house after he shot the proposal of the Democrats. It was with regard to climate change. It was done for the sake of the campaign ad in the year 2010. The most recent events are him working in favour of Donald Trump, the ex-president.