John Thune, The Republican Senator Opposes The Minimum Wage Raise

John Thune
John Thune

John Thune, the Senator from South Dakota, spoke out about his childhood days when he had to work. This was done over the social media platform, Twitter. The Republican senator pointed out the fact that he used to work for an hour to get paid. The amount of his salary was 6 USD. He even mentioned that the same would be 24 USD in today’s world. John Thune was actually being vocal about the minimum wage raise issue.

John Thune’s Reasons For Opposing

All the Congressmen belonging to the Republican party have stood against the proposal made by the Democratic party. They do not want the minimum wage to get raised as demanded by the Democrats. They have stated their perspective on this decision.

According to the Republicans, which also includes John Thune, an increase in the wage will have a direct effect on small businesses. There is a high chance for those to get harmed which will only worsen the economy. This is because they have already faced so much loss owing to the Coronavirus pandemic.

John Thune too gave a clear explanation for whatever his party was advocating. He pointed out that he started with 1 USD an hour. He then gradually moved up to earning 6USD an hour. This was shared by the Senator over Twitter this Wednesday. He also added that all businesses in the small towns have a very low-profit margin. And so, a minimum wage of 15 USD would cause them to crash and fall out of business.

There is no exact information with regard to the time John Thune worked during his days of childhood. However, having born in the year 1961, and taking the fact that he worked till he was 17 years, into consideration, the year until he worked as a “non-adult”, is 1978.