Nicole Pashinyan, The Armenian Prime Minister, Is Facing A Political Crisis

Nicole Pashinyan
Nicole Pashinyan

The Prime Minister of Armenia, Nicole Pashinyan, stated with regard to a military coup attempt that was made on Thursday. This originates from the demand made by the General Staff of the military of the country.

According to the demand, the Prime minister was told to step down from his office. What led to the rise of such demand is the fact that Armenia got defeated by Azerbaijan in the conflict, Nagorno-Karabakh. Following the defeat, continued protests were held all over the country.

Nicole Pashinyan Vs The Military

A statement was issued by the country’s General Staff. It was regarding the resignation of Nicole Pashinyan. The statement had been signed by all the military officers belonging to the top level. What led to this is a move that was taken by the Armenian Prime Minister. He had taken the decision to oust the first General Staff’s Deputy Chief of the country. This came from him just this week.

Nicole Pashinyan gave a term to the statement issued by the General Staff. He called it an attempt for a military coup. This is not it. The prime minister also went on to advocate the firing of the chief. He reached out for support to both the public and the military. While the public was told to come out of their houses to support him and the military was told to follow him and no one else.

Meanwhile, the Armenian streets are witnessing a swarm of demonstrators calling for the resignation of the Prime Minister. They have caused havoc in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. The entire system of traffic had been frozen.

The signing of the peace deal by Nicole Pashinyan led the protestors to make such a demand. According to the deal, Azerbaijan is given permission to control large areas of Nagorno Karabakh. Not only that but also its surrounding areas. This took place on the 10th of November.