Josh Jacobs Caught In An Incident Resulting In a Penalty

Josh Jacobs
Josh Jacobs

All eyes were on Josh Jacobs of Las Vegas Raiders when the RB was caught in a clash with Darqueze Dennard of Atlanta Falcons in their NFL match on Sunday. Josh Jacob’s hit was the main talking point after the Falcons’ cornerback was seen being lifted off his feet against the run of play.

Raiders came into the match with a score of 6-4 and were looking desperate for a win after suffering a loss to Kansas City in the previous week. Atlanta on the other hand was on a rescue mission to save their season and a poor run of form. This poor run also saw Falcon’s head coach getting sacked after being in charge for only a quarter of the season.   

Incident That Led To the Clash Between Josh Jacobs And Darqueze Dennard

The match between Las Vegas Raiders and Atlanta Falcons was in the 1st quarter itself when Jacobs received a Derek Carr pass. He was running when he lowered his shoulder into Darqueze Dennard and the impact resulted in the Atlanta player being throw backward.

Slow-motion replays revealed that the Dennard was thrown off his feet in the run of play. A penalty however was given on an account of a helmet-to-helmet collision and all the gains made by Josh Jacobs were removed. This resulted in the ball being punted away by the Raiders following the penalty incident.

Josh Jacobs is the main rusher for the Raiders with 9 touchdowns and 755 yards of rushing yards this season.  With just over a minute left in the 1st half, Jacobs had 6 yards of rushing recorded under him with 2 catches for 6 yards. This is when the incident took place.

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