Cyber Monday: A Challenge For Local Business VS Big Stores

Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday has been garnering a great level of popularity since the beginning of the holiday season owing to the shopping spree that has exclusively been happening online. Several small-scale and local businesses are faced with challenges while they are trying to partake in the Cyber Monday craze happening this year.

Big retail stores including Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon are famous for the splendid deals for the purpose of Cyber Monday. The online marketplace is likely to act unfavorably towards the local business which is forced to compete with big online platforms. Local businesses are particularly negatively affected during the holiday time when the entire world has been depending upon online shopping due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Local business Suffering In Cyber Monday

Small and local business enterprises in the downtown areas are highly dependent on the physical attendance of shoppers to garner profit during the holiday spell.

The COVID-19 pandemic has already clawed the profits of local businesses which is being further neglected in the Cyber Monday obsession of virtual shopping. A number of local businesses in Lafayette have taken necessary measures to offer online services, while countless other stores rely on tangible stores that are expecting better business at this time of time.

Cyber Monday refers to the first Monday following 30th November that is Thanksgiving.

While Black Friday is completely centered on offline retail stores, Cyber Monday refers to the best deals offered online.

Cyber Monday began in 2005 as the shoppers needed the motivation to do their shopping through online-mode. However, today, most of the shopping is done online on a routine basis which is hampering local business globally.

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