Junior Dos Santos Says Tyson Owes His $50,000: UFC Legend Reveals Mike Deprived Him A UFC Bonus

Junior Dos Santos

UFC legend Junior Dos Santos has claimed that Mike Tyson snatched away a $50,000 winning bonus. He feels he needs to get back what the UFC owes him.

Junior Dos Santos had a reputation for picking up the most knockouts. ‘Cigano’ has picked up KO/TKO wins over ex-champs like Frank Mir, Gabriel Gonzaga, Cain Velasques along with other reputable fighters such as Derrick Lewis and Mirko.

He also picked up 3 KO of the Night bonus. But he says there was a single instance when he won both the Fight and KO of the Night but was deprived by a combat sports legend from another field, Mike Tyson.

Junior Dos Santos said that he rightfully earned double bonuses night when he was up against Mark Hunt in 2013; Best KO and Best Fight, he remembered in an interview.

Junior Dos Santos Says His $50,000 Bonus Was Taken Away On Tyson’s Advice

Mike Tyson was present, and he said that it wasn’t necessary to give both bonuses to one fighter and suggested that it be given to someone else. But a fighter, it was standard to win 2 and sometimes even 3 bonuses in a day. It meant a lot to him, even though it wasn’t much for the UFC.

Junior Dos Santos said that UFC was big, and Dana White should not have heeded the advice of someone from outside even though he was a legend. He believes that UFC could have given the bonus to another fighter, but not at his expense. He says that the bonus was snatched away from him.

Junior Dos Santos, now 37, lost his last 4 fights while at the UFC and was subsequently released this March. He has recently signed up with a new boxing management firm and is planning for a fight with names such as Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, and Deontay Wilder.