Justin Timberlake Pays Heartbreaking Tribute Mourning Nicole Hurst’s Demise

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake mourned the demise of Nicole Hurst at 39 years of age, who happened to be his backup singer. He gave her a heartfelt tribute. Hurst has also been seen performing stage shows with stars like Janet Jackson and Kelly Clarkson. She passed away losing to her on-off battle with cancer for eight long years. However, the official death cause has not been made public.

Justin Timberlake took to Instagram saying he has a very heavy heart and that Hurst was a beautiful soul. Hurst, according to Justin Timberlake, was a consistent source of positivity and joy both on the stage and off it. He mentions that life is unfair and there is not an explanation for certain things that happen. He feels blessed to be able to know her and share precious moments with her during her life.

In the Instagram post, he had a video where Hurst is seen to take the center stage in one of the concerts with Justin Timberlake accompanying her with his guitar. 

Justin Timberlake Moved By Nicole Hurst’s Death

Justin Timberlake stated that it was not enough to say that he would miss her. There is so much more that he cannot express in words. Hurst had been battling cancer for a long time, and once over a post, she had stated that in life, it does not matter what your background is, or how great your life seems to be, or how much your net worth is, or for that matter who you sing with. Life is not into discrimination and can turn the tables at any point in time.

This post was accompanied by pictures of herself along with friends, which included Justin Timberlake and other touring performers who used to serve as backup. Hurst mentioned in her posts the constant support she used to receive from her friends and family, expressing her gratitude towards them.