Women’s Volleyball Team USA Secures First Gold

women’s volleyball
women’s volleyball

Marking the first gold in women’s volleyball, after a total of 3 previous silver medals in 1984, followed by one in 2008 and the latest in 2012, the USA team of women’s volleyball made the country proud. The team made history after sheer domination over the Brazilian team. The tone was set with back-to-back kills giving the U.S a lead by 4 points. The intense defense by Gunderson helped the U.S women’s volleyball team get a win over the Brazilians, even though a missed call gifted them a point.

During the second set, Brazil managed to take a lead until Drews took over and Washington made numerous plays with an attacking mentality. The USA women’s volleyball team secured a lead by 9 points but the team from Brazil managed a run of 5 points bringing the score to 16-20. 

By the third set, the Americans had perfect sync in their gameplay and had an intensity that can only be possible when a gold medal is at stake. Brazil lacked the usual ferocious mentality and the opponents took advantage with their perfect executions.

The U.S Women’s Volleyball Create History

Jordan Larson, who happens to be a member of the women’s volleyball team of the USA for the third time in the Olympic games, ensured that the game was controlled by them and set up scoring positions for her teammates all throughout the three sets.

Once the match was over, and Team USA was through to become the champion and claim the gold medal, creating history for the country, Haleigh Washington became emotional and stated that it was an honor to win the gold for the country and be a part of a team that had a headstrong mentality. She also stated the hard work that was put into the sport along with the sweat, tears, and blood that the court was witness to all became worthwhile after they managed to secure the gold in the women’s volleyball finals of the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

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