Juventus In Search For Replacements


Juventus is one of the biggest names in footballing history. The club has a huge legacy and has a respectable position in the footballing world. However, the club has gone through a lot. They have seen every ups and downs over the course of time.

On one hand, Juve has won the Serie A title for a record number of times. They have also faced the embarrassment of being relegated. However, the club has always bounced back and is one of the most successful clubs in history.

They have recently found themselves in a spot of bother. With the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo leaving the club, they are deprived of a prolific goalscorer. The likes of Dybala have also expressed his wish to leave the club in the coming session.

Dybala stated that he wanted more exposure and matches. Thus, Juve will be left with a big hole at the end of the season. The team management is looking for possible replacements and has a couple of names on their radar. Let us learn about them in detail below. 

Juventus Aim For Angel Di Maria 

Juventus has shortlisted quite a few players to replace the outgoing Dybala. The first name that they will be targeting is Nicolo Zaniolo. Zaniolo is currently a part of AS Roma.

However, his recent relationship with the team has worsened significantly. They have stated that Zaniolo would be a great fit for the side. 

The next target of Juventus is the experienced Argentine, Angel Di Maria. The veteran player from PSG will be looking to prove himself one last time in a big club in Europe.

This could be the perfect opportunity for both the Argentine and the Italian sides to do something spectacular. Only time will tell if it will happen or not. 

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