Steph Curry Is Well Suited For The New Changes In NBA

Steph Curry
Steph Curry

Steph Curry explains how he is well-suited for the rule change in NBA.

Steph Curry will find new ways to score if you place him in any league, any rules, and with any referees.

Other stars have struggled with the NBA’s new rules that aim to eliminate offensive players initiating contact, but Steph Curry remains his same dominant self.

Steph Curry Talks About How The New Rules Haven’t Affected His Game

He was asked about his secret to which he replied that it was quite simple. His set of skills did not require him trying to force any fouls.

He added that it was a “1,000 percent” easier for him as the rules were getting rid of the impulse to draw a foul. Steph has several tools in his game plan and feels that it has been easier for him.

The only tough situation for him is when he gets a pump fake and does not know if the opposition player is jumping onto him. He said that one needs to be patient and wait for the contact to come. If it comes to the sides then all he has to do is to get out of the way to draw that foul, especially inside the perimeter.

Curry scored 20 points in the Warriors’ 103-82 blowout win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. He also didn’t attempt a single free throw. 

Steph Curry is currently averaging 5.7 free throws in a game, which has reduced from his previous 6.3. He’s still averaging 28.7 pts in a game, through six games.

Draymond Green gave the Warriors a big boost with his offense and made it a point to recognize the new rules in his postgame press conference. 

The Warriors at 5-1 have the best record in the Western Conference, and their best players don’t have any issues in adjusting to the new rules.