Kamala Harris Reconciles With Buttigieg

Katie Pavlich
Katie Pavlich

Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary, recently tried to downplay rumors about his alleged feud with Kamala Harris by stating that it was 2021. This cropped up because his political future had become too intertwined with Harris, his traveling companion for the infrastructure-themed trip on Thursday.

The trip did come up at the same time the chatter in Washington heated up over the possibility that Buttigieg could officially be stationed as the future standard-bearer of the party instead of Harris if Biden decided to not run for election in 2024. This notion has brought up reports of a rivalry between the pair that hung over their trip to North Carolina.

Kamala Harris And Pete Buttigieg Have Reconciled 

Kamala Harris’ partner Buttigieg told media in a mid-flight conference that the major point of having elections and campaigns was to ensure that governance would be easy if things went well. And currently, both of them had their sights straight on that.

While it is not yet clear whether the joint event was focused on quelling the chatter of the quiet competition- with an official from the White House informing CNN that the trip was planned quite some time back- both Kamala Harris and Buttigieg appeared to take great effort to portray that all was well with the Democratic stalwarts. 

Before the duo took off, Buttigieg left Air Force Two to welcome Kamala Harris upon her landing at Joint Base Andrews. Along with Democratic Rep. Alma Adams, Buttigieg gave a short hug that Harris went on to initiate. After that, they took a new electric bus from Charlotte, which would be used for the tour. 

Although Buttigieg and Kamala Harris were rivals when they competed for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020, their husbands soon took to social media to post about their budding friendship as they both became a part of the Biden administration.