Kamala Harris To Act On The Voting Rights Protection

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Havana Syndrome

Joe Biden, the United States President, made the announcement about a new responsibility bestowed by him upon Kamala Harris, the vice-president of the country. He stated that the vice-president will act as the leader in the issue of protecting voting rights. Voting rights protection is one of the major aims of the administration of the Democratic president. The news comes as the election reform of the federation is facing a series of serious hurdles in the US Senate. The announcement was made this Tuesday.

Will Kamala Harris Succeed?

The Democratic President commemorated the Oklahoma Race Massacre that took place in 1921 in the city of Tulsa. He stated that with Kamala Harris as the in-charge of the voting rights protection, the reforms would target those provisions that remained on the “stained soul” of the United States of America. The President claimed that the vice-president would be successful in carrying out her duty with the support of the citizens accompanied by her strong leadership. President Joe Biden addressed the speech to the survivors and the community leaders of the attack that was made against the Black community of Tulsa. It was the 100th anniversary of the unfortunate day. 

The Democratic vice president mentioned the fact that she will be taking the help of some lawmakers as well as a few organizations. Kamala Harris claimed that she would be actively working to secure voting rights all across the nation. She added that she will be engaging so many people from different fields in order to achieve success. They include common citizens, Congressmen, the private sector, community organizations as well as the organizers of voting rights.  Vice president Kamala Harris reiterated the fact that the administration of President Biden will fight every provision that takes away the right of the American citizens to cast their vote.