Tito Ortiz Gives His Resignation After A Controversial Term

Tito Ortiz
Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz, the American mixed martial artist, has resigned from his office as the mayor pro tem of the Council of the Huntington Beach City. He is so longer a member of the public office of the region of South California. The news of the resignation came this Tuesday. It has not been confirmed by the rumor that the reason for the resignation was due to his character assassination done by the media. 

Tito Ortiz’s Controversies

It can be denied that the journey of Tito Ortiz was always full of controversies. And that too right from when he joined it. He had tried attending one of the meetings that were held at the library of Huntington Beach after getting elected in the month of November 2020. However, he was not allowed to make an entry.

The reason for this was his refusal to put on a mask. Tito Ortiz later went on to be part of the meeting from his personal car because his stance of “anti-mask” was one of the features of his campaign. His support for not wearing a mask continued for a couple of months. Tito Ortiz carried it out both outdoors and indoors while he attended meetings. Once it even went on to cause an argument with one of the burger joints.

The 46-year-old UFC associate got voted to the office of the mayor pro tem right on the day he took his oath. There were a few others who negated the idea and had voted against it. He also went to file for unemployment. This took place on the 20th of February. It is to be noted that Tito Ortiz had not retired from his office and was receiving his salary for his part-time position. According to sources, he is the owner of a home worth 4 million USD plus two businesses.  

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