Kanye West Goes To Hospital Over Anxiety… Invites Paparazzi Inside Ranch House

Kanye West was spotted visiting a hospital near his Ranch House in Wyoming this Saturday. Sources reveal that he was visiting because of anxiety issues. However, moments later, the hip hop music artist was seen leaving the hospital following which an ambulance showed up at his doorstep.

Kanye’s hospital visit comes just hours after his public apology to wife Kim Kardashian made earlier on Saturday for his hurtful comment to Kim, presumably related to her abortion.

While Kim deals with her abortion, Kanye has also been in the middle of a serious bipolar episode. As reported, Kim has been desperately trying to persuade Kanye to get the help he requires, but in vain.

On Saturday, Kanye went inside the hospital in Cody and stayed for about 10 minutes. Inside sources suggest that too many people inside the premises made Kanye uncomfortable. He got his vitals checked inside the ambulance arranged for him. As declared later, he is not in danger.

Kanye flew to San Francisco from Wyoming and it’s only earlier on Saturday that he returned to Wyoming. The reason for this visit is yet unclear. Sources are still digging to confirm whether Kanye is trying to get the help he requires.