Geraldo Rivera And Arthel Neville Reflect On The Life Of Regis Philbin

Following the demise of the iconic television host, Regis Philbin, at the age of 88, American Reporter Geraldo Rivera reflects on Philbin’s legacy as a TV host.

Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera phoned in to “America’s News HQ” to react to the great loss. He mentioned, “We had wonderful laughs together. Regis made everybody laugh. You know, his career so enduring, so legendary.” Rivera, who once shared an agent with Philbin, reminisced about their time together and spoke about what a great personality the late Philbin was.

Besides Rivera, Philbin’s co-anchors have also come up recently to pay tribute to the legendary TV host. Arthel Neville also opens up about her experiences with Regis Philbin. She talks about working with him on an NBC sitcom episode etc.

Neville described Regis as a generous man, the kind of person who doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight. Apart from these generous descriptions, Neville also shared a personal anecdote with Regis.

The death came as an even sadder event as many of his friends could not visit him due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Regis on my first wedding: He told me, ‘I had advice for you, Arthel. Don’t do it!’ I should have listened to Reg. The second [marriage] is all good.”