Kanye West ‘POSTPONES’ Donda: With Child album after arch rival Taylor Swift drops Folklore on his scheduled release date… and is now set to reach number 1

Reports are in that Kanye West has postponed the release date for his upcoming album Donda With Child. The news comes after Taylor Swift surprised her fans by a new album release on Thursday. 

Kanye West’s album was supposed to drop at the wee hour of Friday. However, the singer-songwriter missed the release. Earlier, he had tweeted several promotional posts. There is still no word about the incident from Kanye’s side. 

Fans have been speculating if the non-release was accidental or intentional. Several others are also trying to link Kanye’s non-release with Taylor Swift’s album release. 

It has been reported that Donda With Child will honor Kanye’s mother. Unfortunately, she passed away 13 years ago. The album will feature New Body, where Lanye has collaborated with Ty Dolla $ign and Nicki Minaj. However, the song Wash Us In Blood will not be included. 

The rapper had earlier tweeted a list of 20 songs, which were to be in Donda. Later, he deleted the tweet and retweeted a list of 12 songs.