Kari Lake Torching Opponent For Refusing Her Debate Invitation

kari lake
kari lake

Democrat candidate for the office of Arizona, Kari Lake, claimed on “Fox & Friends” on Monday that fellow Democrat rival Katie Hobbs had acquired the moniker “basement Hobbs.”

Kari Lake criticised Hobbs for declining to engage her upon that debate stage and talked about the “momentum” of the campaign. Lake opined that Hobbs is unable to compete in a discussion.

Kari Lake went on for an all-out against Competitor Katie Hobbs as she said that her opponent does not even know how to string a few words together.

To support her statement, Kari Lake brought on a recent interview of Hobbs where she was seen heckling when a reporter asked her to say a few things about the Latino community. Thus, Lake’s confidence that her opponent may not even win the debate. According to Kari Lake, it will be a birthday cake competing against a chainsaw if Hobbs shows up for the debate.

Kari Lake Attacked Opponent Ahead Of Debate:

According to Kari Lake, her opponent is trying to play by taking pages out of Biden’s playbook. She said this addressing her opponent’s nature of staying away from debates and unable to attract sizable audiences to her public appearances. The prominent local newscaster says the election is definitely turning in her favour despite recent polls showing Kari Lake ahead in a close contest.

Lake said that she and her team successfully drawn 3500 people to a rally on a weekend. Comparing that to that of her opponent’s public appearance she said that Katie Hobbs’ record campaign event could only gather a total of fifteen people.

In response to speculation that she would be chosen as Vice President if Donald Trump’s camp decide to run for presidency again, Kari Lake stated that she is committed to helping Arizonans.