Kathie Lee Gifford details final get-together with Regis Philbin

Kathie Lee Gifford who appeared on the Mondays episode of Today’s show – recounted her last get-together with iconic US-TV host Regis Philbin just two weeks ago at his home in Connecticut.

Regis Philbin dies on 24th July at the age of 88, of natural causes. The talk show host became famous with the national talk show “Live! with Regis”, first with Kathie Lee Gifford, then Kelly Ripa.

Regis Philbin who appeared on TV alongside Philbin from 1985 to 2000 said that during their recent lunch she “sensed much more fragility than I’d seen in him the last time in January out in Los Angeles.”

Gifford visited Philbin’s wife, Joy after his death, on Sunday, where they “reminisced for a little while.” Gifford expressed her gratitude for getting the opportunity to spend time with them. Gifford let them know that she knew where Philbin is now and with whom he is because the duo had many conversations over the years about faith, and also about where one goes when this earthly life is over.

On Saturday she put out an Instagram post saying “There has never been anyone like him. And there never will be.”