Kayleigh McEnany Criticizes Forbes For Featuring Post Of Kamala Harris

Kayleigh McEnany
Kayleigh McEnany

Recent coverage by Forbes Magazine featuring Kamala Harris, the present Vice President, has Trump’s former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany up in arms.

Kayleigh McEnany White House press secretary for the Trump administration in its final days, and now is in Outnumbered, on Fox News. She was strongly critical of their friendly treatment of Ms. Kamala Harris and also other members of President Biden’s administration. She argued that the Trump administration at no time received such preferred treatment.

What About Ivankanomics?: Kayleigh McEnany

She said Kamalanomics, which was about supporting women owners of small businesses, had also been practiced by Ivanka Trump, though nobody had given her credit for it. McEnany said that Ms. Trump secured a relief of $1.5B for small owners from private banks, and $10B to Community lenders, who help low-income groups of people. But she lamented that she had never heard the use of Ivankanomics.

Supporters of Donald Trump have leveled similar charges against Vogue and several other fashion publications. They have alleged that a section of the media was shunning Melania Trump, the former first lady by declining to feature her on the covers of their magazines.

Even Donald Trump could not help wading into the controversy. He had retweeted a news article in Breitbart News that had attacked fashion magazines for not featuring the former model in their magazines. He had added that his wife was the greatest of all time.

Her co-host Tomi Lahren also attacked the present Vice-President. She said that Harris had a golden opportunity and much had been expected of her. She further added that she knew ‘what kind of a woman’ Harris was.

Kayleigh McEnany’s co-host further added that the media was not treating Republican women rightly. McEnany went a step further and alleged that Kamala Harris was plotting to oust President Biden by not taking positions on contentious issues, like the border issue.