Trump administration in talks with Oregon governor to draw down federal agents: report

On Tuesday, the White House began negotiations with Kate Brown, governor of Oregon, to withdraw the federal troops from Portland. Earlier on Tuesday, the Mayor of Seattle Jenny Durkan also said that the federal troops in her city will demobilize soon. 

The Associated Press was informed by an anonymous DC source that the federal forces are being called off on the condition that the state governors will amp up their state security. 

The source also mentioned that the negotiation is still in its early stage, so things can change. 

The recent political upheaval in the US has given rise to the Black Lives Matter movement even as the coronavirus pandemic rages on. 

Several federal properties have been damaged or destroyed by protestors during the past weeks. In response, the White House deployed federal troops to Portland and Seattle to control the crowd, which has led to considerable violence in both the cities. 

On Tuesday, Trump criticized the leadership in Portland and said, “We, as you know, have done an excellent job of watching over Portland and watching our courthouse where they wanted to burn it down, they’re anarchists, nothing short of anarchist agitators.”

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