Kevin Bacon’s Daughter Debut In ‘Smile’


Sosie Bacon, daughter of Kevin Bacon starring in ‘Smile’, made her father proud. The film was released on the 30th of September 2022. It was a box office success.

‘Smile’ Was Box Office Hit After Release

The ‘Smile’ was released on 30th September and within a week it brought in more than $22 million. It was number 1 just after its release, at the domestic box office.

the film is a psychological horror movie. The story revolves around a therapist  Dr. Rose Cotter played by Sosie Bacon who goes into traumatic shock after witnessing a patient’s horrific suicide. That led her to believe she is experiencing something supernatural. The film was released by Paramount Pictures after receiving a positive screening. Previously it was decided to release only on paramount+, but after receiving positive feedback they released it theatrically only in North America. The ‘Smile’ grossed around $203 million worldwide where its budget was $17 million only.

The Director of the film Parker Finn is impressed with the result and box office income. Finn created Laura Hasn’t slept in 2020, and it received quite a bit of positivity and good feedback, it scored 6.6 on IMDB.

The plot of ‘Smile’ blew everyone’s mind with constant fear and Dr.Rose’s excruciating pain from the past, continuously juggling with work, trauma, and other supernatural occurrences. Things started to take a tragic turn for her. Dr.Rose started to fight with her fiance, her relationship started to go downhill. 

The ‘Smile’ with phenomenal sound effects and with incredible cinematography and unpredictable jumpscares and a solid plot made the story amazing. The director wanted the audience to go with the flow of the movie as the characters move forwards as the story unfolds, Finn exactly wanted the audience to care for the characters which he did successfully. Each of the audience was on a journey with those characters felt their anxiety all the way and feared for their life. This is what Finn intended to do.

Kevin Bacon is proud of his daughter and feels starring in a horror film is a family thing now. He has seen how hard his daughter worked in the movie just to portray what exactly the character was feeling and her anxious thoughts led her to a merry dance. And Sosie brought that onto the screen successfully. The film is worth the watch.

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