Kevin McCarthy Opposes House GOP Vote To Impeach President Biden As The Time Is Not Right

kevin mccarthy

Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the US House of Representatives has opposed the proposed Republican vote to impeach President Joe Biden. Republican House Representative Lauren Boebert had come up with the vote to impeach President Biden. According to sources, in a private meeting, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy discouraged such an attempt, stating it is not the appropriate time to do so. The House of Representatives which now has a Republican majority, is now divided on the resolution. As some of the Republican House members have denounced the resolution by Representative Boebert.

Kevin McCarthy on Wednesday stated that the House of Representatives will cite the resolution of Representative Boebert to the Homeland Security Committee. McCarthy questioned the kind of majority his party wants in the closed-door meeting with his party colleagues. Commenting on the impeachment vote, McCarthy asked at the meeting whether his party members wanted to give up the majority in two years or retain it for a longer period to make effective change. 

Kevin McCarthy Does Not Support The Impeachment Resolution 

Kevin McCarthy spoke to journalists on Wednesday stating he considers the resolution to be premature, as it lacks background and undermines what the Republicans are doing. The resolution is opposed by Kevin McCarthy, on another ground as recently the House Republicans attempted in censuring and fining Democratic Representative Adam Schiff regarding his role in the first impeachment trial of President Trump, which was dismissed by the House. According to McCarthy, this impeachment resolution on President Biden is an ironic stance of the Republicans, this is why he does not support it. The Republican party lately, has seen a lack of unity among its party members while Donald Trump is running for President in 2024 for the party.