Larsa Pippen Addresses Age-Shaming Comments Of Her Age Difference With Marcus Jordan

larsa pippen

American Television personality Larsa Pippen along with her boyfriend Marcus Jordan spoke on the harsh and hurtful age-shaming comments they received. The couple spoke on a new podcast show, Separation Anxiety with Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan on iHeartRadio. Larsa and Marcus publicly opened up about their relationship in January of 2023, since then there have been harsh comments regarding the 16-year age difference the couple has. 

In iHeartRadio’s June 8 podcast show, The Real Housewife of Miami starter, Larsa Pippen stated as she spoke to Marcus that she feels like the comments call her his aunt. She then stated how a person whom she doesn’t even know can comment on her in such a manner.

Larsa is 48 while Marcus Jordan is 32 years of age, it is this age difference that has been a target for rude comments. Marcus is the son of star American basketball player Michael Jordan. Marcus too spoke up about the age-shaming comments as he conversed with Larsa to which Larsa replied on how some people are commenting on them, thinking they know them, however in reality they do not have any prior knowledge about them. 

Larsa Pippen Spoke Of Gender Bias In Terms Of Age Difference

Larsa Pippen stated that she certainly believes that things are different in terms of dating a younger partner between men and women. Larsa Pippen implied the difference in relation when an older man dates a younger partner, however, it is vastly different for women in doing so. Larsa said that when she was single, she never seemed for a younger partner, and this was hardly in her mind. It is the hurtful comments that have both shamed her and made her conscious. Larsa’s divorce from their former husband basketball player Scottie Pippen was finalized on December 15 of 2021.