AHS Appearance: Kim Kardashian Impresses Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto

American Horror Story: Delicate’s forthcoming season has Zachary Quinto giddy for a variety of reasons. “He Went That Way”, in which he co-stars with Jacob Elordi, had its Tribeca Film Festival debut, and the actor announced that he will be appearing in the 12th season as a guest appearance.

He said that when he met Kim Kardashian, an AHS rookie who would appear in the upcoming season, he was “quite impressed” by Kim’s acting abilities. Zachary Quinto, 46, who appeared in AHS this season, said that he got the chance to meet Kim while doing a cameo in the American Horror Story.

Zachary Quinto Believes Kim Kardashian Did A Fantastic Job With Her AHS Role

The Star Trek star said that Kim Kardashian was confident and he was super impressed with her openness and dedication towards her work. Zachary Quinto further added that he didn’t feel Kim needed his advice since she had been doing such a good job.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this season AHS is inspired by Danielle Valentine’s forthcoming mystery book Delicate Condition. As per Amazon, the plot is “a captivating mystery following a lady who is convinced that a deadly figure is going to great lengths to harm her pregnancy while her personal life spirals into a mess as nobody believes her.”

Kim Kardashian, 42, originally announced in April that she had been cast in American Horror Story and would be appearing on the show with Emma Roberts. Ryan Murphy, the creator of AHS, said he was “super excited” to welcome Kim to their AHS family at the moment. He told THR that she is “one of the brightest TV celebs in the universe.”