Kim Kardashian’s Mental Health Destroyed By Ex-husband Kanye West

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Kardashian West drama is not unknown to anyone. Perhaps not to the world at least. Rapper Kanye West couldn’t accept Kim Kardashian leaving him.

However, continuously tried to make things work. She later revealed Kanye West made it impossible to even live together under the same roof. He spread lies about her. According to him, she was cheating on him while he was away on tour.

He made false allegations against the whole Kardashian family being involved in some kind of ‘no father’ agenda. Kanye West left no room for respect when it came to his wife. Even later when Kim moved on to dating men specifically Pete Davidson. Kanye West made his life difficult, inclusive of his career.

‘Kardashians’  Will Be Broadcasting Some Inside Story Of Kim Kardashian’s Broken Marriage

Kardashian’s streaming on Hulu. It’s already season 3. The latest episodes will be aired on 25th May. Kim got married to Kanye West in 2014. They shared four children. Kim filed for divorce in 2021. Before filing she separated from him.

Kanye West made false allegations against Kim as being the absolute worst mom. She doesn’t take care of her children. Kim didn’t bother by this however the blame game continues. After a certain Kim broke her silence. How Kanye West made her life miserable.

She had gone to a meditation class for anxiety. Suffered from depression. Not only that Pete Davidson was also the victim of mental harassment by Kanye West. A few days ago Pete Davidson disclosed how Kanye West has thrown unnecessary difficulties on his and Kim’s way.

Kanye West had a terrible breakdown on stage. He claimed Kim didn’t let him see his daughters. Once Kanye West disclosed his daughter’s North’s school. This information risked her safety according to Kim Kardashian.

In the new episode, it would disclose how Kim Kardashian suffered mental harassment. She broke down in front of Khloe Kardashian. She had a very rough day. She couldn’t handle all the hatred and lies thrown at her.