Kyle Richards Opens Up About Her Separation

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards, a member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and her husband Mauricio Umansky have addressed the divorce rumors that have surfaced since Richards was recently shown without her wedding band. 

Richards and Umansky wed in 1996 while Richards was 4 months pregnant with the couple’s first daughter. The two had initially met in 1994. The couple has welcomed two additional children into their family throughout their marriage: Sophia was born in Jan 2000, and Portia was born in March 2008. 

Richards and Umansky reportedly “separated” after 27 years of marriage, per an exclusive from People. 

Kyle Richards Is Separated From Her Husband

“In regards to the news that went out about us today…,” Richards and Umansky remarked. Any rumors that we are getting a divorce are untrue. We have, nevertheless, had a difficult year. 

the most difficult in our marriage. There has been no misconduct on the side of anyone. We request the right to discuss our problems in privacy despite the fact that we are in the public glare. Please do not fabricate stories to fit a more lurid storyline, even if it could be fun to guess. “Thank you for the support and affection. Kevin and Mauricio. 

Kyle Richards stated that she was “unbothered” by the rumors of her connection with Umansky in an interview with Page Six in April. She remarked, “It all started from a stupid picture of me without a ring on,” indicating that the reason she wasn’t donning her wedding band had nothing to do with the status of her marriage.

Kyle Richards explained: “A, I haven’t been wearing my large diamond ring because there is so much crime these days and I’m like, “I’m not comfortable,” and B, I had just returned from the gym where I had been exercising weights, so I was like, “That thing triggered that?”