Joe Biden Nominates Controversial Candidate

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Former Trump aide Elliott Abrams was proposed by President Joe Biden for appointment to the US Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy.

The outspoken neoconservative previously worked as former President Donald Trump’s special representative to Iran and Venezuela throughout three Republican administrations. Progressives have taken issue with him. This led to a confrontation with Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) during a hearing in Congress in 2019. His selection will probably infuriate Biden’s leftist backers. 

Joe Biden Under Fire

The ACPD is “charged with evaluating U.S. Government activities designed to comprehend, inform, and persuade international audiences and to increase awareness of, and support for, the same activities.”

The statement adds, “The ACPD conducts studies and symposiums that offer frank evaluations and knowledgeable conversation on public diplomacy initiatives across government.

During the Trump administration, Abrams was in charge of overthrowing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, but she now opposes the former leader. He even insisted that, despite the fact that he nominated Trump, he never liked him.

He told Forward in January 2021, “I thought Donald Trump was not fit to be president in 2016, and my stance on that never wavered.

The Left, though, is where Abrams has the most detractors. They attack his record on human rights, particularly his alleged involvement in efforts to hide El Salvadoran human rights atrocities.

Abrams was charged in a Human Rights Watch report with “artfully” misrepresenting “several issues with the goal to discredit the public accounts” of the El Mozote massacre, in which hundreds of civilians, mostly women, and children, were raped and killed by Salvadoran troops. Joe Biden is in full support of him.