Lakers Vs Celtics: Lakers Suffers Defeat

Lakers Vs Celtics
Lakers Vs Celtics

Lakers Vs Celtics were not the match that the Lakers fans wanted to see. The Los Angeles Lakers have been one of the star-studded teams in the NBA. Over the last few years, the team has developed a knack for winning. Los Angeles is ranked as one of the most consistent teams in the professional circuit. However, the current season does not seem to be doing justice to the team. They have failed to replicate their performances from the past. Their recent outing was no exception. A great hype was built up going into the match. 

The Lakers were confident they would win the match. All their players wanted to win against their arch-rivals. However, in reality, something else happened. The same old disappointing story continued for the Lakers. They could not overcome the Celtics’ hurdle. As a result, the Lakers Vs Celtics match resulted in the former losing 130-108. Let us know more about the game in detail below. 

Lakers Vs Celtics: No Joy For Los Angeles Yet 

The dismal form of the Lakers continues. Lakers Vs Celtics saw the Los Angeles side lose once again. The return of LeBron James could not make much of a difference. James is one of the important players for the Lakers. He suffered an unfortunate injury in his abdomen. This forced him out of action for almost eight weeks. His injury seemed to bring bad luck for the Lakers. However, despite James’ return, the tides did not turn for Los Angeles. 

The Lakers Vs Celtics match found the Lakers wanting. Jayson Tatum starred the night for the Boston Celtics. Tatum garnered a total of thirty-seven points to see his team through. LeBron finished with twenty-three points as the Lakers finished well short of their opponents.