Serena Williams Talks About Peng Shuai, the Missing Chinese Tennis Player

Serena Williams is the latest top athlete that has spoken out regarding Peng Shuai, a former champion in the doubles. The Chinese tennis player has been reported missing following an accusation against an official in China about sexual assault previously in the month.

Serena Williams Is Just As Worried

On Thursday, Serena Williams had written on Twitter that she felt shocked and devastated after getting to know about the disappearance of Peng as well as her allegations. She hoped that Peng remains safe and can be located in the quickest time possible.

Serena Williams also called for further investigation into the matter and requested more people to raise their voices about it. She concluded the message by giving love to the family as well as the player as they endured an extremely difficult time.

Mounting concerns left to the UN, on Frida, requesting the allegation made by Peng to be investigated. She had alleged that Zhang Gaoli, the ex-vice premier, had been involved in sexual assault. The UN also asked China to garnish proof of the whereabouts of the tennis player.

Liz Throssell, UN’s spokeswoman on the matter, said that as per the information available to them, there has been no mention of Peng in the public after her allegations on social media that she was a victim of sexual assault. The US White House also expressed similar worries and asked for verifiable independent proof that Peng was safe.

Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary, said that the US will always support the ability of a woman to talk about and hold accountable regardless of their location in the world. Other athletes, apart from Serena Williams, who have voiced their worry over Peng’s situation include Chris Evert, Billie Jean King, and Naomi Osaka.