Larry Elder Speaks At GOP Event At San Diego

Larry Elder
Larry Elder

The Republican Event at San Diego County had a huge turnout as it had Larry Elder as one of the speakers for the event. As it turns out, Elder is currently leading the pack for the next candidates for the GOP for the election that will take place next month. Needless to say, he was lauded with a standing ovation at the Town and Country Hotel as he began promising to increase the status quo in California’s capital.

Elder stated that he would stop a lot of bad things from happening if he got elected- as he would also declare a statewide emergency on the three priorities of life today- homelessness, poverty, and power. 

Larry Elder Aims At Rebuilding The State

Larry Elder went on to tackle quite a number of touchy topics which also seemed to include systemic racism, the prevalent drought in California, as well as the homelessness crisis. He went on to criticize the approach taken by legislators to prioritize the housing crisis- saying it was a failure of the government to not be able to solve the problem despite the amount of wealth at their disposal.

He went on to talk about how citizens with a history of substance abuse as well as mental illness needed to be cared for and treated rather than spend time in tents pitched on sidewalks.

Larry Elder continued by stating that things would have to change immensely. The pendulum would have to swing in favor of the state. He reminded them of the condition of the state when he moved here in 1967- and he was going to get that back. 

It is being estimated that almost half of the citizens of California would be voting to re-call Newsom if the election did take place today. Nonetheless, it was quite interesting to note that Larry Elder didn’t even talk about Newsom by name throughout the entire speech.