Olivier Rousteing Speaks About His Lucky Escape

olivier rousteing
olivier rousteing

In a recent Instagram post, Olivier Rousteing uploaded a picture of him one year after he suffered horrific burns from an explosion in his house. The creative director for one of France’s most famous fashion houses had bandages that covered his entire torso as well as head, as he had burn marks along his face on a Saturday upload. He shared quite a lengthy caption with the picture, stating that he would love to share what he went through a year back- for he had enough time mulling and recovering from a near-death experience. He explained that a year back, his fireplace had exploded. 

Olivier Rousteing Reflects On Harrowing Experience

Olivier Rousteing further stated that as he woke up the next morning at the Hospital Saint Louis in Paris, he was quite amazed to see the talented staff at the hospital- which was already reeling with COVID cases- take good care of him. He also added that he would like to express his gratitude to the doctors and nurses at the hospital- not only for taking care of him but also for keeping his secret and not divulging it around. 

Olivier Rousteing mulled over why he wanted to keep it a secret from everyone- his friends, his team, his fashion house. He reflected that maybe it was the obsession of the fashion world with perfection, coupled with his own insecurities. This led to him realizing that the world of social media was all about putting out the lighter sides of our lives for the world to see- and not the parts which remain shrouded in darkness. The luxury fashion designer had done everything he could to keep this a secret. 

Olivier Rousteing decided to throw himself into his work so as to forget the harrowing experience of his life. This led to him wearing turtlenecks, face masks, long sleeves, and quite a number of rings on his fingers- every time he had to meet clients.