Lindsey Graham Has Suggested A New Biden Border Under Harris

Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham

Last Friday saw Senator Lindsey Graham calling on the President to appoint the former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Jonhson to run the border response. The Senator, along with Representative Henry Cuellar, have decided that Johnson would be the best person to deal with the continued problems in Cuellar’s border district and the increasing number of migrants in the state.

Graham, one of the more moderate Republicans in Congress, has appealed for a path of citizenship to the illegal aliens in the country after the Border forces secure the border. 

Lindsey Graham Has An Idea For The Border Security

On the other hand, Cuellar is one of the more moderate Democrats in Congress who has been willing to criticize the President on his immigration policies. While describing the situation that is percolating in his district, the Representative stated that no one had to listen to him for suggestions.

But before they took a step, it would be prudent to at least listen to the communities along the border, as well as the men and women of DHS. The problems, which Lindsey Graham reiterates, include safety concerns in neighborhoods, and in schools, parks overcrowded with migrants, hospitals overcrowded, and the like.

Lindsey Graham then announced that he and Cuellar would be sending a letter to the POTUS asking for the appointment of Jeh Johnson, who was in charge of Homeland Security for the Obama administration from 2009 to 2017- as essentially a border czar. Currently, Kamala Harris, the VP of the country, has been given the task of handling immigration issues. 

Lindsey Graham and Henry Cuellar believe that it is time that a newer set of eyes are appointed for this problem. As it stands, people in charge have had six months to deal with the issue- which has been getting worse.