Hugh Jackman Remembers Being Replaced

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman

Back in 2000, When Hugh Jackman auditioned for “Miss Congeniality”, it didn’t go as planned. He read the dialogues or the testing with Sandra Bullock, and it was terrific, they vibed. But the role was given to Benjamin Bratt later. This was an embarrassing moment for Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman Remembers Old Times

There was a time when Benjamin Pratt replaced him, but Hugh came around. It was back in 2000 when Miss Congeniality came out starring Sandra Bullock. Hugh stated she was being “amazing”.She was so good with the dialogues that in Hugh’s words, he had ‘to pedal faster’ to catch up with her. As the script was unknown to Hugh, he wasn’t prepared at all. Where Sandra Bullock was at her best and before Hugh, she tested with eight people.

It was more like those dialogues came to her naturally and Hugh was struggling to catch his breath, trying to keep up with her. The script testing was a total shock to Hugh Jackman, he never expected Sandra to be there secondly, first of all, he was not feeling for the audition but his agent asked him to try, and then he failed. It was a huge face loss for him in his career.

However, X-Men was not known to the world back then, but he did try for ‘Miss Congeniality’ cause his agent advised him to do so in order to negotiate for other roles. Both X-Men and Miss Congeniality came out in 2000. The turning point of his career after the rejection, playing Wolverine changed his life, and become a successful person in the X-men franchise.

Last month, Ryan Reynolds declared via his Instagram of Deadpool 3, where Hugh Jackman will play wolverine beside Ryan Reynolds, and his part is longer than just a cameo. The video that was posted was exactly Ryan Reynolds style. Hugh Expressed how happy he is on the set with Ryan Reynolds. And he is expecting to have more fun in this movie than in any other movie he has done.