Liverpool Edges Past Gritty Newcastle


Liverpool is currently on a role. The team has been one of the best teams in EPL history. They have always played well but have lacked consistency. However, things changed drastically once Jurgen Klopp took over. He was appointed as the manager when the team was down. 

Klopp did not panic and slowly built up the squad. His good works soon paid off as the team began to prosper. Klopp made the impossible happen when the team lifted the title a couple of years back. Since then, the team has not looked back. LFC has been a formidable side to watch out for. 

The team has had many successes in the last couple of years. However, LFC is determined to win the Premier League once more. LFC is looking to be well on course for its mission. The team is playing like a well-oiled machine. The chemistry between the players has been fantastic. 

Liverpool recently faced off against Newcastle United. The game was expected to be a close affair. It was indeed not a cakewalk for LFC. The players had to work hard throughout the match. The Newcastle defense was almost flawless. Let us learn more about the match in detail below. 

Liverpool Win 3-1

Liverpool fought their way out of a gritty Newcastle to stay on track. They were 1-0 down initially but clawed their way back. Goals from Diego Jota, Mohammed Salah, and Trent Alexander Arnold helped LFC. They registered their eighth consecutive victory in this season. The club also registered their 2000th win in their history. 

Liverpool sits pretty with forty points at number two. They are just one point behind league leaders, Manchester City. It now remains to be seen which team wins the race.