Logitech’s touchpad case turns your iPad into a laptop, for a lot less than Apple’s Magic Keyboard

The trackpad support in iOS 13.4, has made the iPad equal to the most computer-like devices. Apple’s new iPad Pro has a fancier trackpad. For people with older versions like 2019 iPad Air, 10.5-inch iPad Pro can have trackpad functions through Logitech’s $150 trackpad-enabled case.

The trouble with the case is that the bottom-attaching keyboard is not lap-friendly, and the case is bulkier in comparison to other 3rd party cases. The keyboard also contains an extra set of function keys at the top, including a home button, brightness switch, and many more. 

The Combo Touch might add more bulk to the iPad but also gives it a more durable feel. The kickstand at the back is adjustable and helps in keeping the iPad in a straight position. However, it is meant to be used on a desk and cannot be maintained in a lap. 

Adding a Logitech case to the iPad will cost more, but it is worth it. Although it is not lap-usable it is a perfect desk companion and can turn an iPad into a laptop.