Lynn Clark Is Accused Of Giving False Information To The FBI

Lynn Clark
Lynn Clark

A charge was filed against Lynn Clark, the superintendent of Chicopee Schools, this Wednesday, for lying to the officials of the FBI. This complaint was just filed in the federal court and is still unsealed based on which Lynn Clark was arrested from her home which is in Belchertown. The lies and false information were related to an extortion investigation against a former candidate for police chief in Chicopee.  

Lynn Clark Got Connected With Extortion Case Of Police Chief Candidate

The candidate regarding whom the lies were told is mentioned as ‘Individual 1’ in the files. As per the complaint, the Mayor of Chicopee, John L. Vieau, went to the FBI last December when someone was extorting him. The unknown person was sending random anonymous messages asking for money and threatening to release all the private information about Lynn Clark and him. 

Lynn Clark is accused of sending 99 threatening messages to the concerned candidate from untraceable mobile phones. She also put up an act and provided false information to create suspicion on employees of the municipality and even on one of her family members. She even tried to hoax and play a smart game by forwarding all the messages to Individual 1 which she had originally received. 

As per the statement of Joseph R. Bonavolonta and Rachael S. Rollins, the Attorneys of the U.S., Lynn Clark admitted later on that all the messages were sent by her. The person who was sending messages also have sent a picture of the candidate on his wedding day with his wife and then a picture of the candidate driving Clark’s vehicle near a plaza. 

The punishment for giving false information can give imprisonment of a maximum of 5 years or a supervised release after one year and a fine of a maximum of $10,000. The prosecution of the case is Neil L. Desroches.

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