Top 3 Healthcare Stocks To Buy In December


Healthcare has been the highlight of 2020 owing to the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike the previous year, many healthcare stocks have seen a rapid growth thanks to the possibility of a vaccine that will be used worldwide, a shift to health and hygiene, increase of virus-related treatment and research and advances in gene-based drugs and so on.

As the world moves closer to having a vaccine, it is evident that healthcare stocks are the major talk of the market. So, let’s take a look at the top 3 stocks in the healthcare sector that are a buy in December.


Analysts argue that DexCom has a growth year ahead of it. It is one of the major players among healthcare stocks as the 21-year-old company is dependent on the sale of continuous glucose monitoring systems that is on the rise in the US. DexCom has grown by 50% on a year-to-year basis but is currently facing a down of 27% since its August, 2020 high. Hence, this is the perfect time to invest in DXCM stock as there’s potential growth in 2021 for this company.


This is one of the companies that had a test for the coronavirus in the initial months of the pandemic. Owing to this, this healthcare stock has seen a major rise in its value. Revenue grew by 276% year-over-year fetching the company $852.5 million, about 123% more than last year. Sales growth has boosted by 150% and there is still room for more improvement that makes it a good buy right now.


Pfizer is making headlines every day regarding its already-authorized Covid-19 vaccine. But BioNTech stays out of the headlines. But both these companies are collaborating on making the coronavirus vaccine that will be priced at $20 a dose. The two biotechnological giants are supposed to produce about 1.3 billion doses of the vaccine by 2021. So, investors are keen on grabbing this healthcare stock in hopes of guaranteed results in the upcoming year.

Take a look at these healthcare stocks and decide which one you want to invest in right now.