Manuel Neuer dissatisfied with their loss in the Champions League

Manuel Neuer
Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer, the goalkeeper of Bayern Munich is left disappointed at their loss in the Champions League against Villarreal. 

As Samuel Chukwueze of Villarreal bore down on him in the quarterfinal he knew it was a do or die situation for the team.

Bayern Munich is the first European Cup Winner to win all their matches during the 2019-20 Champions League defeating Paris Saint-Germain in the final match.

Manuel Neuer shared his opinion that Bayern Munich losing the tie on Tuesday was not the ultimate decision making factor of the game, rather a series of missed opportunities in leg two acted as the prime factors for their loss.

He stated that not scoring the second goal and unfortunately missing on the four good opportunities they had was where they missed their chance which resulted in their unfortunate loss in the match.

Neuer stated that they did give away a chance in the last stage but they had a very dominant performance. 

Manuel Neuer Unhappy With Team

It was even tougher to deal with the loss in the match because the fans and audience in the stadium gave everything and ample support for the team to get through and Manuel Neuer felt extremely disappointed to let them down.

The captain’s emotions were shared by Benjamin Pavard as he said although they played quite well in the first leg they failed to concede too many opportunities in the field and they did not score the goals needed for the win.

Despite the loss stinging the team they are trying to move on to other things with a sportsman spirit as they also do have a championship to win in near future.