Marjorie Taylor Greene Demands Seat On The January 6 Committee Of Pelosi!

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene, GOP Rep., wants to be a part of the select committee designed by Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker. This committee was mainly formed to examine and investigate the insurrection which took place on January 6. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Infamous For Spreading Conspiracy Theories!

CNN received this news from the freshman of Georgia on Thursday. CNN was also told by Marjorie Taylor Greene that Nancy Pelosi should allow her to be a part of her committee. She also added how great it would be for her and the committee. The interest of Marjorie Taylor Greene to be part of this committee will come in the form of irritation to all the lawmakers. The ones who want to unfold every detail of the insurrection that took place on 6th January will get bothered by her desire to get involved in this committee. Recently, 

Greene has been rumored to be joining other Republicans of conservative nature to propagate unfounded claims regarding the Antifa movement of the far-left. She also suggested that there might be some involvement of the FBI inside the rioting that took place on 6th January. Pelosi’s office has been reached by CNN for comment. CNN has questioned Pelosi’s office multiple times regarding the new theory involving false flags.

This new theory is being promoted by the websites of right-wing nature and Fox News. These websites propagated this theory that the FBI was involved in the rioting which took place on 6th January. Marjorie Taylor Greene is notorious for spreading fake news and conspiracy theories. She was unable to provide any evidence backing up her claims. Marjorie Taylor Greene added that there are different varieties of people, who were a part of this rioting.