NFL’s First Week Is Over: Here Are The Highlights


As the first week of NFL ends, here are the top picks that happened. Aaron Rodgers could have hardly had the worst game. But some Washington fans went through much worse than that.

The Top Picks Of Week 1 Of NFL

The drama surrounding Aaron Rodgers was the highlight of the offseason of the NFL. The offseason was spent by Rodgers publicly dissenting against the management of the Packers. Even though it seemed like the two were parting ways, the deal never happened. But Packers may be ruing that as his season debut was among his worst career games ever. He threw 2 interceptions without any touchdowns for the first time ever. Moreover, the Saints defeated the Packers 38-3, the biggest defeat while Rodgers played. The question that is being asked is if time has finally caught up with the 37-year-old.

In Washington’s FedEx Field, a sewage pipe broke over the heads of fans drenching them in excreta. The team’s official statement is that it was rainwater, but there was no rain in the area since Thursday. The on-field performance of the team was no better as the Chargers beat them 20-16.

On the other side of the spectrum, the risky decisions taken by the Rams to further bolster their offense seems to have worked. The team’s offense hit the big plays without any effort when they faced the Bears. Stafford recorded 20 out of 26 while managing 321 yards. McVay also subtly said that Goff was limiting his teams.

The New York Jets players who have left the team had a stunning game against their former team. A touchdown covering 57 yards was thrown by Sam Donnald and received by Robby Anderson. Even though Darnold did not make any special celebrations, Anderson definitely did not hold back.