Marjorie Taylor Greene Raises $3.2M And Is Winning

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene had made an announcement on 7th April, Wednesday that the re-election campaign that is led by her has successfully managed to raise a staggering $3.2 million. This whopping amount was raised by Marjorie Taylor Greene within the first 3 months in office.

This has come as a huge surprise to most people owing to the reason that she had recently been removed from her office by the House. Marjorie Taylor Greene was stripped of her committee assignments soon after her comments encouraging violence surfaced. Her comments were related to the Florida school shooting that was claimed to conspiratorial by her.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Taking Everyone By Surprise

Greene was the 1st Congress member to have been removed. She occasionally takes part in meaningless measures and does not have several official duties. Basically, her removal did not make much of a difference.

Greene is a Republican and represents the 14th district of Georgia. However, Greene has raised a whopping $3.2 million within a very short span of time. She also announced that the amount was donated by over 100,000 donors across the country. This took everyone by surprise.

While speaking about her fundraising, she mentioned how delighted, excited, and humbled she feels to relate the fundraising efforts during the last few months. She also said that the common people showered their love despite the attack from Congress. This was possible because of the reason that she held on to her beliefs as an American. She further added that she always prioritized the people over the politicians and she will continue fighting for the people.

Even though she has minimal duties because of her small capabilities, she has raised huge money through her fundraiser.