Marren Morris Announces Intention To Leave Country Music

Marren Morris

Marren Morris, the Grammy-winning musician, launched 2 fresh songs on September 15th titled Get the Hell out of Here and The Tree. Along with the two songs, the musician also talked about her thoughts and feelings regarding the intention to exit country music. She also talked about her opinions on the deepening socio-political differences that have increased during the previous few years.

Marren Morris Decides It Is Too Harmful For Her

In her statement, Marren Morris explained that the two titles are very significant to her next step in life. The titles stand for an extremely liberating and righteously angry phase of her life over the past few years. At the same time, it also points to how she is finally finding a way towards the future, regardless of its nature. She summarised the songs as titles that honored the places she had been and her achievements in country music while also letting her move forward freely.

She gave a detailed interview to the Los Angeles Times about her decision. Marren Morris explained that she has continued to face a challenging barrier as the genre saw the socio-political divide grow, along with some fans and artists’ right-leaning opinions. She explained that people displayed their biases without any censorship following the Trump era. As such, Marren Morris managed to see the true nature of people, even if they took pride in being misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic, and racist.

Marren Morris explains that she felt like all such traits were the topics of celebration. She saw the genre dovetailing as the country music’s hyper-masculine subgenre gained popularity. She terms it “butt rock”. Morris added that, at one point, she felt a desire to burn everything she did in the genre and restart. However, she realized, that the genre is immolating itself even without her doing anything.

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