Valentina Shevchenko Keeps Her UFC Belt For The 6th Time

Valentina Shevchenko

Valentina Shevchenko was stretched to her limits at UFC 275, but she emerged victorious in a hard-fought fight with Taila Santos.

Through all five rounds, it was a back-and-forth grudge battle, but Valentina Shevchenko’s push in the second half of the fight helped her clinch the victory, although on a close decision on the score sheet. Valentina Shevchenko was awarded the fight by two judges with scores of 49-46 and 48-47. While Santos was awarded the bout by a third official with a score of 48-47.

It was still more than enough for Valentina Shevchenko to retain her championship, breaking Ronda Rousey’s previous record of six consecutive title defenses in the UFC women’s divisions.

Valentina Shevchenko’s Head-Lock Move Has Been Criticized

The headlock throw is known by a variety of names. The head-and-arm throw is another name for it, and it is also known as a hip toss. I am certain there is a Judo phrase for the move, but I am not going to offer an informed guess because getting it wrong will result in me being flamed mercilessly on Twitter.

When the throw does work, it has a pair of equally significant flaws. To begin with, momentum may carry a throwing fighter over and put them in the bottom position. The assaulting grappler must completely commit to the toss to land it, which can subsequently roll them over.

Finally, if a fighter avoids slipping off and being rolled over, they or she will land in an average position! Side control is wonderful, but controlling the far side underhook is the key to dominating an adversary from the top side. The headlock throw puts the thrower in full mount sans the far side underhook, giving the bottom fighter a clear path to the back or at the very least back to their feet.

Rousey reacted by launching herself into an overhook armbar. She replaced one incredibly low strategy with another and made it work since she was an expert in that field.