Matt Gaetz Under House Ethics Committee Scanner For Serious Sexual Offences Among Many Others

Matt Gaetz
Matt Gaetz

Republican Senator Matt Gaetz is in the limelight for all the wrong reasons as the house ethics committee has said that it is initiating an inquiry into allegations of violating laws related to sex trafficking.

Members of the Committee, said Friday that they were looking into several potential offenses that include both violations of several house rules and possibly illegal activities.

A Host Of Charges On Matt Gaetz

The committee has stated that it is alert to public allegations of Representative Gaetz indulging in sexual misdemeanors and a host of other violations, including the sharing of inappropriate videos or images, and the illegal use of banned substances.

Other allegations include misusing campaign funds, taking bribes, misuse of identification records, and others. They all violated laws, House Rules, and other standards of conduct. This was jointly revealed by Ted Deutch, Ethics Chairman from Florida, and Jackie Walorski Republican member from Indiana.

Republican Tom Reed of New York is also being investigated by the Ethics panel for sexual misconduct.

Allegations against Matt Gaetz include having sex with a 17-year-old girl. There are other allegations involving women given money and drugs that violated multiple laws.

Gaetz’s associate, Joel Greenberg, is expected to go for a plea deal over similar charges, this further tightens the screws on the Republican Congressman.

Matt Gaetz Denies Allegations

Matt Gaetz has dismissed the allegations as wild and distorted conspiracy theories involving his personal life. Matt Gaetz was defiant at the conservative summit at Ex-President Trump’s golf resort in Miami. He said that the allegations have not yet been backed up by evidence.

Other reports are being investigated by the Committee that Matt Gaetz shared improper pictures with colleagues on the floor of the House.

Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger from Illinois has demanded that Gaetz step down while House Leader of the Republicans, Kevin McCarthy has said that though the charges were serious, Gaetz has denied them. He will in probability be removed only if there is an indictment.